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We will be using John for years to come!


John is an amazing partner when you are making key decisions when it comes to buying or selling real estate. He was proactive, worked late nights, guided us throughout the process including remediation, drafted documents that protected us during the process and brought in legal teams, if need be. He was extremely knowledgeable and we relied him a lot since we are out of state buyer and had a whole set of different demands. We will be using John for years to come!


- Hirang and Namita Patel

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My house sold for well over asking price!


I first met John 11 years ago when I moved from the city to the suburbs of Gladwyne. He was extremely professional and a pleasure to deal with. When I recently moved from that home I immediately thought of John and contacted him again to place my house for sale and also help me find a new townhouse. With his insight, research, and recommendations, my house sold for well over asking price and immediately during the broker open. He also helped me find a beautiful new townhome and I’m very happy thanks to John’s expertise.


- Michelle Rubinson

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We're very grateful John was our agent.


Due to the nature of our cross country move because of my husband's job relocation - and having never been to PA before - we needed to find an agent who could quickly and efficiently communicate with us and find us a home. John was quick to recommend an area he felt would best suit our specific needs as a family, and prepared an extensive list of properties for us to view during our weekend trip to purchase a home. With John's expertise and guidance, we found a home that weekend, and made the decision to purchase it. He helped us through that experience, and also helped us throughout our initial time in the area with incredible and reliable recommendations of contractors for our extensive home renovation, places of interest to visit and explore with our family, etc. We are thankful for his expertise, his skills, and most especially, his friendship. John was such an asset during our transition and we are very grateful that he was our agent.


- Silvia Manoukian

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We recommend him to all of our friends and family - without hesitation.


John was our buyer's agent almost 10 years ago when we bought our house, and there was no question in our minds that he was going to be our sellers agent when we put it on the market. John is extremely professional, responsive, savvy, and committed, while at the same time personable and wonderful to work with. We recommend him to all of our friends and family - without hesitation.


- Bob and Amanda Anderson

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John answered questions day and night


John did a wonderful job selling my home. He is very knowledgeable and answered questions in a timely manner (day and night). I would recommend John to any person looking to buy or sell their home.


- Vicki Teti

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There was no drama whatsoever!


John was extremely responsive. He found solutions very quickly. There was no drama whatsoever with the purchase of this home. John made the process very straight forward. I would absolutely recommend him.


- Jennifer Land

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John was a great partner to us.


John was a great partner to us. He helped us prepare our home for a quick sale and provided excellent recommendations for service providers for us to choose from - all of whom where very responsive and dependable. As we were moving out of state he also represented us at closing so we could be on our way to our next adventure.


- Barbara Dowling

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He was able to negotiate a good deal.


John listened to what I was looking for and only took me to those houses I was interested in and could afford. He was able to negotiate a good deal for my purchase. He made the whole process run smoothly and was available to answer my questions and address my concerns. I had no surprises at  settlement. I would use John again if I was looking to move to another home.


- Bill Cancro

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John was always immediately available to answer questions.


John was always immediately available to answer questions and offer ideas and suggestions. He suggested having the house staged. He also suggested having a video made of the property. Both of these suggestions helped sell the property.


- Les Gundry

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He was always in our corner.


John is a very down to earth, no-nonsense guy which is what we appreciated when working with him. He is responsive and realistic in managing expectations for us and the seller's representative. He was always in our corner and is so knowledgeable about the area the he even knows, down to the exact  location on a particular street, what properties are next to what landmarks or potentially undesireable things so we wouldn't waste our valuable time searching out things that weren't matching our wishlist. And of course he helped us find and negotiate our wonderful current home.


- James and Kirsten McCoy

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He was clear about what we needed to do to get the house we wanted.


John was totally honest in our home search and home purchase. While many buyers may think the market is in their favor, John was honest and upfront with us, with respect to what a "fair offer" would be for our purchase. He was clear about how fast we needed  to move and what we needed to do to make sure we got the house we wanted. It was a pleasure doing business with him. I think with any other agent, we would not have got the property we wanted.


- Robert and Melissa Gallop

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Easy to work with, very honest and thorough.


John was easy to work with, very honest and thorough. And, he was able to connect me to all the right people including mortgage company, insurance, title deed and others for finalizing the purchase of my new home! He did all the follow up and I never had to push. 


- Polly Dolan

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Very knowledgeable about the Main Line.


John was fantastic in not only finding our home but in providing us with a very smooth negotiation and purchase. He is very knowledgeable about the Main Line and provided us with a lot of helpful information and contacts. We wouldn't hesitate using John's services in the future!


- Anne James

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John is the ultimate professional.


John is the ultimate professional. He assisted us in buying our new home. He also sold our last two homes in approximately one day. He is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and detail oriented. He is also a pleasure to work with with. I would not hesitate to recommend John for any real estate transaction.



Andy and Robyn Ivker